Combat Picture Gallery

Select works portraying Prussian Troops in action against the French during the Wars of Liberation

(From the Books Napoleon at Dresden and Napoleon at Leipzig by George Nafziger, published by The Emperor's Press, courtesy of the Todd Fisher Collection)

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Mecklenburg Leads the 2nd Bn. 1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment,.......... by Knötel

The 1st Bn. Colberg Regiment Storms the Churchyard in Grössebeeren,.. by Röchling

Major von Sandrart Leads the First Leib Hussars Against Amiel's Cavalry, artist unknown

The 1st Bn. (von Zchüschen's) 3rd Kürmark Landwher Regiment Attacks, by Knötel

.Another View of the Landwher Storming the Village, .by Sellmer

The 2nd West Prussian Regiment Defends the Grossen-Garten Against the Guard as Night Falls in the 26th of August, Artist Unknown

"Whoever Has a True Prussian Heart, Follow me!"

Prince August and the 2nd Silesian Regiment, by Röchling

The 1st Kürmark Landwher Cavalry Attacking a French Square, by Knötel

The Leib Hussars Attack the Polish Cavalry, by Knötel

Bülow Cheered by his Troops after Dennewitz, by Knötel

Landwher Cavalry in Action Against a French Square at Dennewitz, Artist Unknown

The Prussian Dragoons Charge at Wachau, by Becker

The 7th Brigade Advances, by Becker

The Leib Regiment of Horn's Brigade Storms the Dike, Artist Unknown

The Attack of the Brandenburg Hussars, Artist unknown

French Infantry and Prussian Landwher Fight Desperately for the Villages, by Knötel

One Result of Leipzig: The Prussians Crossing the Rhine, by Campenhausen


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